Doctoral School of Science and High Technology

Head: professor Elio Giamello

The head the Doctoral School is responsible for ensuring that the PhD study programme is carried out in accordance with the rules of the Ministerial Order. This includes the planning of joint courses and of specific courses. The head of the Doctoral School participates in the approval of the grant allocation. Finally, the head of each Doctoral School is responsible for the general supervision of the progress made by the PhD students.

Areas Coordinators

They have the overall responsibility for the implementation of PhD programmes offered, for the development of PhD programmes, and for ensuring that individual PhD courses comply with the general requirements for PhD programmes.

Professors Committee

It has the overall responsibility for the development of all activities of the Doctoral School. It also participates in the approval of the grant allocation and in the registration of PhD students.


The Secretariat attends to all daily activities in connection with PhD students including announcements of PhD stipends; administration in connection with applications, administration of course activities, preparation of statistical reports, resource administration as well as international relations.
The goal of the Doctoral School is to offer its doctoral students a high level international minded education and a scientific training in different areas of Natural Sciences and advanced Technolgy.
The Doctoral School aims at promoting a high level scientific research for activities in enterprises, universities, in national and international public and private research centres as well as in local organizations.
The School is open to Italian and foreign students and to the cooperation with international experts and e research centres of excellence.

  • Organization of didactic activities
  • Opening to outside
  • Internationalization (continued Support for Joint Doctoral Degree and Binational Doctoral degrees, development of a policy encouraging the introduction in networks with the most important foreign centres of excellence).
    It is envisaged to support the stays of doctoral students abroad in particular within the framework of the European programmes. The School aims to attract international students).
  • Valorization of researchers outside the academic field.
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